Call for Speakers | Fetal and Maternal Medicine 2019

The brilliant and wonderful conference "Fetal and Maternal Medicine 2018" returns in the 2019. We are overwhelmed to announce the next series of World Congress on Fetal Maternal Medicine.

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Call for speakers | Fetal and Maternal Medicine 2019
Join Us @ Kyoto, Japan on July 24-25, 2019
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Fetal and Maternal Medicine 2019

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Throwback to Fetal and Maternal Medicine 2018

#Glimpses of the World Congress on Fetal and Maternal Medicine @Osaka, Japan Wholehearted thanks to our: hashtag#keynotespeakershashtag#Moderatorhashtag#speakershashtag#Delegates to make this conference great and successful. Hope we get the same support in the coming years as well! Mohamed Abudabbous

Final Call for Abstract Submission @World Congress on Fetal and Maternal Medicine

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Maternal Depression leads to alter children’s stress and Immune marker

Researchers observed 125 children from birth to 10 years. At 10th year, mothers' and children's cortisol (CT) and secretory immunoglobulin (s-IgA) markers of stress and the immune system were measured, mother-child interaction were determined, mothers and children  underwent medical specialty diagnoses, and children's externalizing and internalizing symptoms were reported.
Depressed mothers had higher CT and s-IgA levels and displayed additional negative parenting, characterized by negative affect, intrusion, and criticism. Children of depressed mothers tended to exhibit psychiatricdisorders, have higher s-IgA levels, and show greater  social withdrawal.

Following mothers and children across the first decade of life, we found that exposure to maternal depression impairs functioning of the child's immune system and stress response. Such disruptions to the child's stress and immune system, in turn, led to greater child psychopathology. Researchers also found that the …

Congenital TORCH Infection-“Abnormal Infant Development"

Congenital infections are due to pathogens that are transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or delivery. They can have a substantial negative impact on fetal and neonatal health. TORCH infections can cause spontaneous abortion, premature birth, and intrauterine growth restriction during pregnancy. TORCH infections can cause numerous complex organ abnormalities, including central nervous system (CNS) abnormalities, cardiac defects, vision and hearing loss, as well as skeletal and endocrine abnormalities. Prophylaxis is of great importance during pregnancy. Primary prevention includes vaccination for varicella and rubella (prior to pregnancy), screening for syphilis, and hygiene measures (washing hands, and avoiding certain foods) during pregnancy. Affected children require long-term follow-up to monitor for hearing loss, ophthalmological abnormalities, and developmental delays.
The acronym TORCH stands for the causative pathogens: T - Toxoplasmosis O - Others (including syphi…